Frequently Asked Questions

The Photography Contest is to benefit the Silver Lake Nature Center. Proceeds from the contest support the programs of the Nature Center.


How should prints be displayed? -  Prints must be placed  securely in a matte or mounted on a foam board. Keep in mind the pictures will be on displayed for up to 6 weeks. Use of double sided tape is recommended.

Should I frame my photo? - No photographs on metal, wood or similar types of medium are allowed. All photos should be consistent as they are judged. There is no way to secure heavier objects to the walls for display.

Where can i get Velcro? -  Velcro is easily available in most stores. Try any of the craft stores (Michaels, AC Moore, Joann Fabric) or home remodeling (Lowe's, Home Depot)

If I enter a print in color for the color category, may I convert that same image to B&W for the B&W category - You may not enter the same image in black and white and color. Choose one or the other.

Other points to consider:

Sepia or tinted images will be placed in black and white.

Discussions over the category in which a picture will be placed will be subject to Club Officials discretion. Please keep in mind, judging is based on whether or not a picture fits a category and will lose points if they feel it doesn't.

Photographers Status:

Amateur/Advanced Amateur is as explained on Contest form. Club has a right to place a contestant in a different status based on experience, awards previously won, etc.

Categories Explained:

Land/Sea/Cityscape: Generally a wide sweeping view over city, land, fresh or saltwater scene.

Widlife:  May be domestic, captive or wild. (insects can be included here)

People Outdoors: Must show people interacting with outdoors. Keep in mind, points are scored by the judges based on their belief whether the picture fits the category.

Architecture: Buildings or architectural detail.

Macro/Close Up: Image where subject predominately fills the picture.

Open: a composite or heavily edited/processed photo or a photograph that does not fit in any other category

Abandoned: self explanatory

Bucks County Parks: An image taken at a Bucks County Park that shows an easily recognizable feature of that park. An image just showing  trees and water are generally not be accepted. All images in question and not recognized by Club Officials will be directed to the Nature Center Staff for determination. Disputed images may be placed in another category.

Club Officials determinations will be final.

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